Monday, June 30, 2008

A Birthday Party At The Baby Home.....

One of Zane's buddies had a birthday yesterday and they had a party at the baby home.
Here is a picture of Zane enjoying the birthday celebrations!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Baby Is Turning Into A Little Boy......

Not sure if it makes me happy or sad. I guess both. Happy that he is now doing so well, but at the same time sad that I am missing it.
Thank you so much A for this bit of encouragment today. Thank you for being there for my son when he desperately needs a mother's love. Thank you for the kiss you gave him tonight & told him it was from me.
Continue to help us pray our son home!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Do not grow weary of doing what is good, at the right time you will reap the harvest if you do not give up."
Galatians 6:9

***Thank you Lord for giving me your word tonight***

DAY 50

Starting to get depressed here. Feels like PGN all over again. Please continue to pray for our approval.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"I want to get on a big airplane & go get baby Zane"

That's what Chloe told me today just right out of the blue. I gave her a hug and told her I did too. She said, "are we going tomorrow?" and I said "no honey not tomorrow" then she said, "is it going to take much longer cause it has been a long time Mommy". Yes it has Chloe.
I tried to explain to her that we waited a long time for her and then she said, "Did you cry Mommy?" absolutely, I cried. "Why don't you cry now, Mommy, don't you want baby Zane to come home now?" Absolutely Chloe I want Zane home more than anything else in the world, but he isn't going to come home 1 day sooner than God wants him too. "Well, I wish God wanted him home now, Mommy." Me too Chloe.
After that conversation with my 3 year old, it got me to thinking. I have got to stay focused on what's important, and that is God bringing our son home. He has brought us so far that I must not worry about counting the days till I600 approval, knowing when to apply for visas, wondering how in the world it will be to travel all the way across the world with Chloe & coming back home with 2 toddlers on that big airplane. I must remember that God has led us on this journey and He and only He will be the one completing it. Knowing that gives me a certain amount of peace. My job is to just keep praising Him for bringing our son home.
Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, keep them coming.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another email from A....

I got another email today from A.
She said that she took Zane for a walk/run today & he loved it.
She looked inside his clothes and said he was wearing a outfit that I sent him and it is a 6 months. He sure is a little peanut. She is going to try to weigh him tomorrow. A will be leaving the province any day now with her beautiful son, I can't thank her enough for spending time with my sweet son.
Today is day 40 for the I600 wait. Wednesday is my birthday, I can't think of a better present than I600 approval. Can you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 37

Day 37 of our I600 wait. I am seeing lots of approvals but most of them are during the time we originally filed our application. Dates are getting closer though, praise the Lord for that.
I got an email today from A, she is a mom that is picking up her son now. Her little boy is in the same baby home that Zane is in. She said that Zane is now walking some. Guess he just couldn't wait for his mommy and that he is doing fine.
She described him as being so sweet and that everyone that comes near him he touches them, smiles and wants them to pick him up. She also said that now that he is walking he is spending more time in the main room with the other children and getting more playtime. A has been taking him outside everyday with her son and she says he loves the outdoors. She also offered to get his weight and measurements for me. I am so grateful for this update.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers and certainly keep praying him home!
Thank you so much!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 32

Yes, today is day 32 of our official wait for I600 approval. Well for our 2nd application that is. All those that got approval on the yahoo groups last week actually sent theirs off the same week we sent in our 1st one but needed an additional copy, so we had to start all over. Even though it makes me sad, I have to know in my heart there was a reason for it. God is in control of this entire process and only He can bring Zane home. As much as I want it to be now, I want more for God's will to be done. Continue to pray daily for our family and most importantly Zane.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Missing Zane..............

I haven't posted in a few weeks for a few reasons. Friday was the last day of school for our students and other than opening of school it is my busiest most hectic time at work. I have also been missing Zane like crazy and honestly a little sad. Lara & Jimmy are home with their beautiful children and when I say beautiful that doesn't even come close. Both Jay & Sara are gorgeous. I feel so blessed not only to be apart of their lives but to get to spend so much time with them.
I am also so grateful that Lara has shared so much about Zane with me. She says he is tiny and loveable. She gave me some more pictures of him and I hate seeing all the bite marks on his arm where someone is biting him, but I know he is one of the smallest and can't get out of the way of some of the older children. They put him in a clemson hat! Yuck! But he still looks adorable to me. We are on day 27 of our wait for I600 approval. Please continue to help us pray our son home!