Friday, October 30, 2009

Praising The Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jax had his G & R yesterday and should be home by next week!
Praise The Lord!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Hau Giang Gang Member Is...................

They have been told that his Giving & Receiving Ceremony will be this Friday.
Praise The Lord! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!
There are still four more precious children in the baby home, Sweet Dillen, Dat, Dawson, and K.
Please remember them in your prayers and hopefully they will follow right behind Jax. God answers prayers!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Poor Baby Boy........................

Sure isn't smiling now!
Last Thursday 10/22 he had outpatient surgery. He was circumcised (he'll kill me when he reads this when he's older). But he could sure use your prayers. The recovery has been exactly like the urologist had warned us about, absolutely horrible! But because of some problems, he had to have it done and we felt that we had no other choice. It has just been really hard on him with him being 2 1/2 years old. He doesn't understand but yet he is still big enough to want to be on the go which is very painful. My biggest fear was of them putting him to sleep and I had prayed for days about that before Thursday actually arrived. They gave him a "I don't care" drug before they came and got him to put him to sleep and do the IV and that help alot because I knew he would never willingly go to them. They had him so drunk he reached right for the nurse.
Waking up from Recovery was a whole different story though. A nurse came to get me the minute they started rolling him out of OR because he was screaming for his MOMMY. Daniel wanted to go back but they wouldn't let him until they had him in Recovery, and calmed down. That broke Daddy's heart. Once they put him in my arms he started calming down though and once the thumb went into his mouth he was okay.
I knew once he started sucking his beloved thumb everything was going to be fine.
He goes back to the Dr. tomorrow and I am hoping he gets a good report. Please keep him in your prayers!
On to brighter things.............
It was one year ago today we boarded a flight in Charlotte, NC headed to Vietnam. We had layovers in San Francisco and Hong Kong before we reached our destination of Ho Chi Minh City two days later. We arrived on October 30th, and traveled two days later to Hau Giang to meet our precious son. Boy it has been a fast year and I am so happy that God has given us this little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chloe Sings At Church & Zane's 1st Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

Sunday Chloe sang at church before the Worship Service with some of the kids in her Wednesday night Team Kids class. After a quick lunch we headed to the pumpkin patch and Zane loved it.
The weather was perfect and he loved running around with Chloe checking everything out. The Hay Ride was a big hit with him too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Week Of Home Pre School & A Fall Scavanger Hunt!

It was the end of October last year that we took Chloe out of preschool/daycare for her to go to Vietnam for 3 weeks with us to bring home her baby brother. It is so hard to believe that Zane will be home a year next month. After much prayer and many talks between Daniel and I we decided that it would be best for Zane for me to stay home with them. This was new terriotory for me because I had been working since I was 15 years old and even though I took maternity leaves with my children, staying home with Chloe the first four months she was home was the longest I had ever been able to stay with them. We just knew in our hearts that Zane was not ready after only 6 weeks of being home for a daycare setting. Chloe did fine but she was in a very loving foster home where she was doted on. Even though the nannies loved Zane very much the baby home was still a small orphanage and he just wasn't ready for anything that reminded him of that same enviroment. He was also so small at only weighing a little of 12 pounds. Happy to say 11 months later he is a whopping 25 pounds. The cost of daycare for both of them was going to be my entire check too so that made my decision to stay home that much easier.
I have absolutely loved every single day of being home with my children. I appreciate God giving me this opportunity so much that I am thanking Him every day for allowing me to do this and for PROVIDING FOR US without an income from me.
As great as being home is, I have noticed the last couple of weeks Chloe mentioning she misses her friends at school. Most all of her friends at church are going to either 4k or 5k and she misses that.
So Daniel and I talked and we came up with an alternative for Chloe. I am going to do 2 hours a day 4 days a week of pre school here at home for her. We started on Monday and she absolutely loves it and Zane is having a ball too. Our 2 hours are spent with her working in a workbook, a writing lesson, story time, puzzles, coloring pages and bible story lesson. We are also doing a unit on Fall for the month of October. Yesterday we made a delicious apple pecan cobbler and today they went on a Fall Scavanger Hunt outside and collected all the things they thought pertained to it being Fall.
Chloe is happy, Zane is having a great time and Mommy is BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scavanger Hunts Can Be Tiring... We need a short break!

Chloe Hard At Work...............

Their Finished "Fall Project"