Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thinking of another mother today......

It wouldn't be Mother's Day if I didn't think of Chloe's birth mother today.
I am so grateful that she chose an adoption plan, I am so grateful that God allowed me to be Chloe's mommy.
I haved wondered many times today if she is thinking of Chloe, I would like to think so. We have talked to Chloe again today about Alicia; her birth mother. I never want Chloe to forget her adoption story. I never want her to forget that she has a birth mother that loved her so much that she wanted her to have a better life. I want her to know that even though God has blessed us by making her our daughter, we will never ever forget to thank Alicia for the truly amazing gift she has given us. Chloe Faith Maria Blackwell

A Very Special Mother's Day

Indeed a very special Mother's Day.
Lara called me at 8:00 this morning from Vietnam to tell me "Happy Mother's Day" and told me to get on my computer. She had taken some very sweet pictures of Zane and wanted me to see them on Mother's Day.
Lara, I love you with all my heart!
Thank you so much for giving me some much needed encouragement today.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Praise The Lord!
We received our Receipt of Acknowledgement Confirmation for our new I600 application.
Now our wait for approval begins. Again, we are praying that it doesn't take 60 working days. We are praying, trusting, beleiving, and praising Him for a miracle.

I also talked to Lara on the phone last night, this is some of what she said:

Zane is wonderful. He is the only one in the baby home that she can't pronounce his name like his nannies do. She said she has taught him how to give kisses so now he wants to give you sugar every time you pick him up. He is still very cuddly and loves to be held. He is happy and sweet. She said one of the outfits that I keep seeing him in is an Old Navy 3 to 6 mos, but that alot of the 6 to 9 mos that I sent him, he is now wearing they are just big on him. Still not walking. YEAH!
She said to be such a small baby he has big feet though. I am so thankful to have her there giving me small glimpses of my son. I am so thankful that she is there loving on him since I cannot be.
Please continue to pray Zane home!