Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas At Papa and Maw Maw's House

We always go to my parents house for lunch on Christmas Day.
With me having 2 sisters, 2 brother in law's, 4 neices that all have husbands, and one great nephew, the house is packed.
This year my middle sister went to her daughter's house for lunch so it wasn't quite as full as it usually is but still alot of people.
The day was beautiful and warm and the children really enjoyed playing outside.
Chloe and Eli got riding toys and they loved riding them outside. Zane loved Chloe's pink car but loved riding Papa's lawn mower alot better.
I think John Deer Green looks much better on my boy than pink princess barbie!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

ZANE'S 1ST CHRISTMAS HOME.......................

Praise The Lord!

Christmas Eve

I must admit I was a bit weepy on Christmas Eve okay more than a bit, I was alot weepy. It couldn't be helped. I kept reflecting on so many changes. I thought often throughout the day of our lost referral from Guatemala and what may have happened to her, always praying that she has a good life with her birthparents and that she was having a wonderful Christmas. I kept thinking about sweet Papa Jim, my father in law that died 6 weeks ago while we were still in Vietnam.
And I kept thinking about how truly blessed I was to have all five of my children home along with my son in law, Matthew, Brent's sweet Meghan whom I love like my very own and my parents.
It's hard to put into words the emotions of that day. My older children playing with my younger two. One family united not by our blood but by God's very blood.
How amazing is that?
Not only did He bless us with three wonderful children by birth, 1 daughter that is in Heaven, but He also gave Daniel and I not just one more chance to parent another one of His blessings but two more chances.
Chloe and Zane have changed our lives in such a way that we are forever changed.
Praise The Lord!