Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Vi Thanh Gang Celebrating TET................

Last night the children from the baby home celebrated TET together with the exception of Vinh who lives in Texas. Hopefully, they will be able to get together with him this summer. It was a very special evening for all of our children celebrating their first of many TET's together.
I now know what those china families mean when they say it is near impossible for them to take group pictures of their children on the famous red sofa. Boy, was it near impossible to get our six Vietnamese sweeties to sit on Lara and Jimmy's sofa to get a group shot.
We can't wait till next year when we will have even more of the Vi Thanh children home such as Dat, Dillen, and Jax................

Friday, January 23, 2009

Zane's 1st Snow........................

On Tuesday the kids woke up to a dusting of snow and as you can see I literally mean dusting. Nevertheless, it was a big deal for them because we only get snow every few years. By the time they made it outside it had already melted and was almost gone but of course I had to have pictures of Zane's 1st snow. Chloe didn't like getting her mittens wet with the slushy snow and Zane wasn't impressed at all and liked playing with the neighbor's children alot more especially the little girl......................
I am going to have to watch this boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Two Months Ago Today......

I held our precious son for the first time.
My good friend Lara had tried to prepare me for his size by telling me often that "he is tiny and such a cuddly baby".
But no matter how many times she told me that I wasn't prepared.
We walked into that baby home around 11:30 am that day and I remember the heat hitting me in the face.
The humidity was so bad my cameras lens immediately fogged up and i immediately spotted our son across the small room being held by one of his nannies.
At first look my chest started getting tight, he was so small and so sad.
His nanny handed him to me and tried to explain through Thuoc that he had been sick wasn't feeling good but he was really a strong and happy boy.
I just remember tiny and sad.
He wasn't happy with me cuddling him but he did allow it and every time he looked at his daddy he screamed.
I remember tiny, sad, and beautiful. The most beautiful little boy I had ever seen. At that moment I knew God knew exactly what He was doing when He had Jen to call me that day all those months ago and tell us about a baby boy referral that she wasn't sure we would want because of his age.
God knew as well as Jen knew that he was our son.
Fast forward two months....................
Zane is a whopping 17 pounder that is nothing but "all boy". Gaining more than 5 pounds since being home.
He is so excited about life that he doesn't know how to walk, he runs non stop. He loves his daddy and insists on being his daddy's tv remote keeper.
He follows his big brother around like a puppy dog, cries to go bye-bye with his big sister Kyleigh, and fights with Chloe just like brother and sisters are suppose too, except for he always expects Kaitlyn to come to his rescue.
He is a "Momma's Boy" and thinks his Papa McConnell hung the moon.
Zane is an amazing boy and our life just wouldn't be complete without him.