Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Two Little Girls From Guatemala..........

We loaded the truck early this morning and headed up the road to see Joe, Julie, and Abigail and it was wonderful to get to spend time with them again.
Chloe & Abigail share a special bond, they share a history together and they will be together forever.
We met Julie & Joe when we started our Guatemala journey. Two families that desperately wanted daughters from Guatemala. One in SC and the other in NC. Within months of starting our journey we were both comforting each other because of the loss of our 1st referrals within weeks of each other. We rejoiced together when Chloe was born on February 14, 2005 and Abigail following shortly behind her on March 14, 2005. Oh what plans we had for our daughter's, which included picking them up together. For some unknown reason God had other plans for us which meant we were not to bring Chloe home until much later. Chloe came home exactly 9 months to the day after Abigail came home. Chloe's best friend was her very 1st visitor upon arriving home and I still remember their 1st embrace. So tender that it still brings me to tears. Our beautiful daughter's finally together at last.
This past 1 1/2 years that Chloe has been home has been filled with many fun filled and very special times with this family. Chloe has experienced many 1st's with Abigail. Vacationing in Hilton Head, seeing Elmo live, county fairs, kids museums, and eating out many many meals together. Why these 2 ninas have even gotten Abigail's Mommy & Daddy (the vegeterians) to eat CHICKEN! I still haven't quite gotten over that realization. To funny for words, oh the things we do for love!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Do I Have To Be Thankful For?

Absolutely, Positively Everything. Everything beautiful in my life.
Chloe woke me up early this morning saying "get up mommy, its Happy Thanksgiving".
My little nina standing there in her high heels that Dawn sent her on her birthday this past February. Just one of 10 pairs that she sent her that Chloe refuses to part with because she thinks she is a princess when she wears them. I was immediately taken back 2 years ago and remember it being one of the saddest days of my life. Having to endure all the Thanksgiving get togethers pretending my heart wasn't breaking because my baby girl was still in Guatemala and my sweet son in law was in Afghanistan fighting a war for all of us. I am so very ashamed today to know that I didn't think God had it all under control. I am so very thankful Chloe is home and Matthew is home. I am thankful that Brent who the doctors told us just a few years ago that he would be in a wheelchair by his 18th birthday and PRAISE THE LORD he is getting ready to turn 19 and is the healthiest he has been in years. I am so thankful that Kyleigh, Matthew, Brent, and Kaitlyn all know our Lord as their personal Savior. I am thankful oh so thankful that my husband is the Godliest man I know and I am blessed to be his helpmate.
Thankful for all the wonderful Christian friends that God has brought into my life through international adoption. Thankful for all the children that have came home and thankful for all the children that are coming home. From Guatemala to Haiti to Vietnam. And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if I didn't thank Him for another beautiful child so far away that is spending his first and last Thanksgiving without his Mommy & Daddy and that is Zane. Baby brother to Kyleigh, Brent, Kaitlyn and Chloe, baby brother in law to Matthew. Lastly, I am so thankful for the woman I have become. For you see I am not sad or depressed or broken this Thankgiving waiting for Zane like I was waiting for Chloe. I have complete faith in knowing that God will bring Zane home exactly at the right moment. I am so very thankful!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Beautiful Sweet Children...........

I realized today that I have not posted any pictures of my children lately.
I am truly blessed to be the mother of these 4, can't wait to add some more of Zane, hopefully we will get new ones soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jelly Bean IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God Jelly Bean is COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Who is Jelly Bean, well he just happens to be the most beautiful little boy in Haiti.
My friend D just found out that her son Jelly Bean is MOI which means that he is completely and legally theirs. Hopefully he will be joining his Mommy, Daddy and 4 sisters before Christmas.
God IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!