Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh So Frustrating, BUT OH SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but my son absolutely hates to have his picture made! He is all smiles until you get that camera out and then he is so uncooperative. This little boy that is into "EVERYTHING" and I mean "EVERYTHING" and fast as lightening completely just hates it and he knows it drives his MOMMY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was home 6 months last week and Chloe was home 3 years last month and I think, "Lord please slow this down, my babies are growing up too fast, way too fast".
I am so very proud of who they are becoming, Chloe is "Little Momma" to Zane and loves taking care of him, loves bossing him around, and loves teaching him new things. She is an amazing little girl and I thank God everyday for her. Zane is so sweet just like Chloe and isn't afraid of anything. He climbs in chairs knowing it is going to get him trouble, thinks he is as big as Chloe and already knows what happens when Mommy gets to 3 (time out). If he is into something he isn't suppose to do and I starting counting 1, 2 he starts saying "no 3 mommy, no 3". I too thank the Lord everything for him as well.

Out of the blue today Chloe hugged me and said, "you are my real mommy, and "A" is my pretend mommy, and I said no honey, I am your real mommy and "A" is your birth mommy, she said I know, I was in "A's" tummy in Guatemala, but you are my real mommy and now I live with you and daddy. Tears just streamed down my face hearing those words. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be their MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day was very low key here today. I had my parents and Kyleigh & Matt over and we had hash, barbeque, hotdogs, bake beans, chips, desserts.
We decided to eat inside because they kept calling for severe thunderstorms this afternoon, well seems we could have ate outside because the storms didn't come to after we were finished with dinner.
I don't have any pics of the kids because Zane hates his picture made & by the time I cooked all that food I was too tired to try and coax him into letting me take any.
He has been suffering from a sinus infection this weekend and back on breathing treatments every 3 hours so I let him pass this time!

Sitting across from Matt I couldn't help thinking about the 18 months he spent in Afghanistan a couple of years ago. I pray that he isn't deployed again but know that he very well could be. I also pray for all the families that have lost love ones in war.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I must admit that Mother's Day is bittersweet for me. I seem to be torn between being so joyously happy that I have 5 beautiful happy children, yes even though Kyleigh & Brent are adults they are still my children. I am so grateful to be given the honor of being their mother, and yet Mother's Day still brings some sadness.
I can't help but think about our baby girl that we lost so many years ago that was due on Mother's Day that year, but God chose to take her home early and we lost her at 29 weeks. I do take comfort in knowing that one day we will see her.
I also thought much about Chloe & Zane's birthmother's on Sunday. I mean honestly if it wasn't for these two courageous woman they wouldn't be here today. I often wonder if they ever think about our children and I would hope that somehow in their hearts they know that they are happy and healthy and most of all LOVED!

Brent Plays At Falls Park.........................

Brent's band Lawson's Flow played at Falls Park last Saturday May 2nd.
It was a beautiful day and Chloe & Zane enjoyed listening to their big brother play his music.