Monday, August 3, 2009

Mission Trip July 20 - 24, 2009

Two weeks ago Daniel and I loaded up 2 vans full of middle and high schoolers and headed to Myrtle Beach for a mission trip. Because some of them had never been on a mission trip before Daniel decided to stay in state thinking it was a good way to get his students feet wet in the mission field.
I have been on alot of mission trips during Daniel's ministry and I must say I have never been so proud of any group of young people as I was these. We were to work in 2 assisted living facilities, a girl's home, a boy's home and have one day of beach ministry. I was a bit apprehensive because this is the youngest group we have ever taken on a mission trip before and this would definitely get them out of their comfort zone.
Get them out of their comfort zone it most certainly did and they loved every minute of it, our kids did skits, sang, played their musical instruments and played bingo with the elderly. They also witnessed to them about Christ, even to a known athiest in one of the facilities. It didn't scare them one bit. Daniel preached and let me tell you the little ladies sure did love the "bald preacher".
We were not allowed to take pictures in the girl's home because it was state run but those beautiful girls of all ages enjoyed our time with them and so did the guys in the boy's home. Not only were we allowed to take pictures there but the boys couldn't wait to pose for us. We ended our last full day at the water park and our group of kids sure did deserve some free time.
The maturity they demonstrated the entire week was way beyond their years, they did everything we ask of them and they loved sharing the gospel.
We had a great week and I am so very proud of every one of them.