Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crashed Computer = Father's Day Post Late

My laptop crashed last week and I ended up having to buy another one so I am just now getting around to posting for Father's Day.
We had a wonderful day on Father's Day even if there were no picture taking. My birthday was on Thursday so Brent cooked lunch for a combination birthday & Father's Day celebration. His lunch was divine. We had grilled chicken, fetecheni afredo, ceasar salad, french bread, lemon cake and red velvet cupcakes. DELICIOUS!

I am so very grateful that the Lord blessed me with such a Godly husband and Godly father to our 5 children. Daniel is everything that I would like to be. He by far has more Godly wisdom than anyone else that I know and such a great teacher of the Word. Even though he has 2 ministries and is a full time student he still finds the time somehow to spend quality time with his wife and children. Even when it means staying up till 1:30 am doing his school work. Daniel puts the Lord first in everything he does and anyone that knows him knows that he is the "real deal."
It doesn't just talk the talk but he walks the walk every single day of his life.
I praise the Lord for my husband, my best friend, and my soul mate!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hau Giang Gang from Vi Thanh's Qrtly. GetTogether

Zane met with Jay, Sara, Elias, Lacey, and Jayden today at Cleveland Park for their quarterly GetTogether.
God is so good!
I just thank him that these 5 are home and I pray that the 5 remaining are home very soon!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beautiful Dresses.....Beautiful Cause

I have met a friend in blog world that has already adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia and is trusting the Lord to bring home another child from either Ethiopia or through a domestic adoption.
She is making beautiful dresses and selling them to go toward her adoption.
Chloe is wearing just one of many of her dresses. Please check out her blog at www.itspoppydip.blogspot.com